you don’t have to be a celebrity to be celebrated

fame ain’t what its cracked up to be.

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Magic Johnson was a athlete that really made me have interest in the sport of basketball. The way he dribbled the ball, assisted in passing to his teammates in such astounding style, was so wide eyed in my facial response that I would go to the neighborhood courts, and played like I had the skills like magic but couldn’t dribble the ball to save my life. That, of course, made me the last to get picked. Still in my mind, in order to be recognized I had to be the big time star. I had to finally realize it took practice, dedication, and overall confidence to establish goals that spoke success.

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why is ignorance so popular

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Celebrate authentic you

Get amongst those where you are celebrated not tolerated



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Dee R. James

A spoken word artist, author, entrepreneur A firm believer in having your OWN voice while spreading inspiration to the lonely, lost, hurt and neglected.